Our Vision

We are founded on love. Our vision is to see a world where there is hope, empowerment, inspiration, promotion of mental improvement, and community development so that all children, young people and communities feel safe and empowered to develop to their fullest potential.

Our Mission

To develop communities, children and young people who have been excluded, marginalised or disadvantaged. We will work to improve their quality of life, health outcomes and mental well-being by promotion of  physical health improvement, mental and moral development, skills development, providing leisure, social and cultural inclusion activities.

Our Aim

To act as a resource for people within marginalised communities by providing support, advocacy, skills development, empowerment and inspiration that will improve their physical, mental, educational, social  and cultural wellbeing. This will essentially help to transform lives and empower people to thrive to their fullest potential. 

Our Values


We believe that leadership takes courage to inspire a willingness to take risks in the pursuit of social change. We aspire to be courageous by speaking the truth about issues of critical importance to society and by challenging leaders of change to be inspirational, bold and courageous as we work to expand our organisation's objectives. 


We believe that leadership requires empowerment about the future.  We believe if you equip people with the right resources they are capable of achieving their fullest potential in a sustainable way.


We aspire to do all we can to make sure everyone gets emotional support and inspiration whatever their age, race, gender, sexuality, disability or beliefs.  Our focus is to facilitate big positive changes within society by promoting positivity, providing practical advice and empowering people so they can improve their lives.


We believe in the value of working with others and achieving together what may not be possible alone. We aspire to bring a collaborative spirit and strategy to all that we do, learning from the insights and leadership of others, and sharing openly what others may be able learn from us.


We believe that the non-profit sector is enriched by the breadth of its scope within its social good purpose. We believe that this social good purpose calls on non-profit organisation’s to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity in deep and transformative ways. We aspire to be inclusive in the way that we engage and learn from the board and staff leaders to model our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in all that we do.



We work in an independent, professional, selfless, and transparent manner that is consistent with the organisations values and ethics.

Target Groups

Marginalised  and Disadvantaged communities.

Our Mandate

In carrying out our own mission we know that we are more effective when we work together, and believe that as a partnership we serve out of loyalty and responsibility to the organisation’s mission and provide essential oversight and accountability to the organisation’s beneficiaries, donors, and the broader public. Shifting Your Mindset’s work is grounded in the  fundamental belief that boards are critical to organisational success.





Who We Serve

Our primary beneficiaries are our partners and all the communities we support.

Where We Operate

We currently operate in the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe with the view to expand even further


​Overarching themes

During the strategy consultations, four overarching themes emerged (Empowerment, Inspiration, Mental Health Improvement and Community Development) these are relevant to all our strategic goals. These themes have been integrated across our organisational priorities, and will also help shape the work of the organisation. Action is needed in all these priorities.


We are here to serve our communities