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Men/Father's Support Service

Historically, there has been a stigma around men seeking help for mental health issues. Societal expectations about masculinity can discourage men from sharing their emotions or seeking help, often leading to problems getting worse before seeking support.

Our mission is to improve the well-being of men and fathers in the UK. We challenge these stereotypes and encourage men to seek help when they need it. We provide diverse support services tailored to their needs.

We empower men and fathers to reach their full potential through specialised programs and diverse support services. We also offer guidance on embracing positive masculinity and help fathers stay connected with their children, even during challenging times.

 Hear the Unheard: A Collection of Men's Voices

A series of case studies that showcase the real-life stories of strength, growth, and resilience shared by the men and fathers of our community. Shifting Your Mindset is proud to present this collection, capturing the diverse voices and experiences of individuals who have navigated through life's challenges and emerged stronger than ever.


Get to know Jamal, a young father who gained newfound confidence and purpose through our Young Fathers Programme. Discover the unique connections and conversations that happen in local barbershops, where men come together to share, support, and grow. Witness the transformation of ignored spaces into vibrant Dad's Wellbeing Gardens, symbolising the renewal and growth of individuals within our community.


These case studies embody the core values of Shifting Your Mindset - providing vital support, sharing knowledge, and instigating lasting positive change. We invite you to join us in amplifying the voices of these men and fathers, celebrating their resilience and triumphs, and recognising the transformative impact of Shifting Your Mindset in their lives. 

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

Case Study 5

Case Study 6

Case Study 7

Case Study 8


The Dads Programme

This project is a dedicated effort to empower and provide support to fathers from black and minority ethnic communities in Aspley, Bulwell, Arboretum, and Hyson Green. Our goal is to equip these fathers with the essential skills, research-based knowledge, and insights necessary to actively participate in and support their children's development. This support extends from pregnancy onwards and focuses on three key elements in each session:

  1. Knowledge: Providing fathers with valuable information and insights.

  2. Activities: Engaging in hands-on activities that foster learning and bonding.

  3. Emotional Engagement: Encouraging fathers to emotionally connect with their children throughout the journey.


Each session encompasses these elements and includes:

  • Stay and Play: A hands-on session for fathers and their children to bond and learn together.

  • Relationship-Building Activities:** Activities designed to strengthen the father-child relationship.

  • DadsTalk: A 30-minute segment in the form of a Talk Show or podcast via radio. This segment promotes open conversations with fathers, focusing on improving their well-being and fostering a supportive community."

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Becoming A Dad / Separated Dad workshop 

This workshop support's dads in developing confidence in their new role as parents. We also provide expecting and parenting teen fathers with support, mentoring fathering skills and resources .The workshop is also designed to address the emotional and practical aspects of fathering through all stages of separation. 
During the sessions dads will receive information about:

  •  Basic infant care

  • Safety

  • Development

  • Healthy attachment 

  • Brain development

  • Critical skills for how to recognise and respond to their baby’s emotions.


In an interactive group setting for dads, participants will: 

  • Gain skills necessary for relating to children during and after separation. 

  • Learn strategies for minimising conflict with your former spouse or partner.

  • Given the opportunity to listen to other fathers and share their own stories.

  • Certificates of completion are offered to qualified participants. 

  • Young Father's co-facilitated group


The co-facilitated group model provides father's a safe, educational and positive place to be with others going through similar experiences, as well as to learn important relationship skills. The content of the group meetings is based on the stories young/experienced fathers share about their everyday lives the challenges they face:

  • The strengths and resources they draw on

  • Skill-building activities

  • Knowledge about child development (including the latest in brain science)

  • Practical parenting tips

  • Thematic ‘virtual visits’ from guests via video.

Dads Garden.png 2.png

"It was great it inspired me to do more and aim bigger. It was eye opening see what's possible now I believe in myself even more to go out provide and inspire others within my community." - The Leader Within Project

We would like to thank all the supporters just like you, for coming to support the cause. 

Sending You So Much Love and Light.


Men Do Talk Sessions

Many men experience challenges in their lives but due to a number of factors they tend to bottle things in as seen in the national suicide statistics. We provide a weekly drop-in session for men which is a safe space where the can build strong connections. Through our Men Do Talk sessions we aim to 

  • provide men equal support and advocacy especially in cases of domestic violence and homelessness

  • provide wellbeing initiatives and activities that help men overcome these difficulties and build their resilience to speak up and overcome masculinity stigma

  • Identify ways to take control over their lives and positively contribute with their communities

  • provide easily accessible support and opportunities at an earlier stage which will help improve their lives and the lives of their families


The Dads Garden

We love to see more places where people and communities to come together to take action on what's important to them, improve the environment they live in, and promote healthy lifestyles. We are pushing the greener and cleaner initiative as part of our building sustainable communities. We offer environmental improvement and/or heritage conservation.  We also improve awareness of environmental issues and encourage and/or protect wildlife.

Our team of dads are developing an old dumping yard into a community-led green space that is peaceful, safe and calming for the people within the surrounding communities to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The dads are also creating a remembrance bench for all the men that lost their fight in battling mental health illness.  Our garden is also used as a place to:

  • encourage people to look after the environment they live in

  • enable people spend time in a safe natural environment doing some gardening

  • provide healing through nature a whilst rebuilding strong community connections

  • help the community to grow and share local, seasonal food, cut food waste and promote sustainable cooking

  • facilitate a variety of community food events

  • facilitate discussion about climate change in the areas of food and travel 

  • bring people together to foster positive connections 

  • provide open access sessions to create a usable, safe green space for local people to enjoy

  • provide place to encourage local wildlife as well as preserving some of the original trees including an old mulberry tree that sits within the garden

  • run a series of low-carbon workshops around the themes of local food and sustainable cookery

  • provide relaxation area to help promote respite and improve mental wellbeing

  • deliver workshops including horticulture, simple crafts to create planters etc and cooking activities with the food harvested. Those taking part are encouraged to build on these activities with their own ideas which will help ensure good community ownership and long-term investment.

  • increase children's or family's knowledge of healthy foods, food skills and improve their eating habits

Come down to one of our weekly sessions to get involved in a variety of different activities; from gardening, healthy eating and healthy living workshops, there is something for everybody at the garden to enjoy and participate in.

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Our Dad's Garden

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