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The Dads Programme


  • 2 hr
  • Nottingham

Service Description

We provide professional support and encouragement that helps fathers to positively transition into their new roles as parents and improve resilience within the family unit. Our Aim: Equip fathers with skills, research, and knowledge about child development, positive masculinity, build parenting confidence to become involved and engaged fathers even with cultural barriers. Outcomes: Build positive connections with other dads Increase parenting confidence and competence Provide tools that can help them be part of their child's growth and development processes Mentorship for young dads Provide `well-being support through our dads talk sessions Content: The programme will focus on equipping fathers with skills that includes father and child skill-building activities to support them to be involved and engaged in their child's upbringing. We empower them to share real life experiences, strengths, and resources they can draw upon whilst building positive connections with other dads in similar situations which helps to reduce isolation. This incorporates usable knowledge centred around child cognitive development, practical parenting tips, and positive relationship building skills especially for separated fathers. We support them to re-enter education or facilitate employability workshops that helps them achieve their personal and educational outcomes. For the separated/teen fathers, we support them to address the emotional and practical aspects of fathering through all stages of separation so they can contribute to positive outcomes for their children and communities. We address issues such as managing emotions and toxic masculinity supported with mentorship from other experienced dads. In addition we use an experts by experience methodology looking the child rearing settings within the BAME family unit and aligning the with UK Child Rearing and Public Health Standards. For sustainability we will finish with reflections, evaluations and referral pathways available.

Contact Details

  • Nottingham, UK

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