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The pandemic has put a huge strain on so many young people across the globe. Almost every young person has had to adjust to the  dramatic changes in their education or employment, routine and home life. Some have experienced bereavement or other traumatic experiences during the lockdown period, while groups who were already marginalised or disadvantaged are now likely to become more so affected. Furthermore drug use among teens is a real and serious issue, with the current opioid epidemic, it is important that the youth are educated on the dangers of illicit drugs in order to protect their future. 















Shifting Your Mindset is a registered Non-Profit Organisation in the United Kingdom and we are also a registered Trust in Zimbabwe. We are collaboratively working with partners to empower the young people  to create  a society in which young people are safe, equipped to thrive, treated equally and are able to contribute in their communities. 


Our focus is on those young people who have been excluded, marginalised or disadvantaged by society. We act as a resource for young people up to the age of 30 living  by providing advice, assistance and organise programmes of physical, mental educational and other activities to advance or improve their quality of life which will enable them participate in society as mature and responsible individuals. Our key priority is to promote social/cultural inclusion, communities are developed and all young people are safe, empowered to develop to their fullest potential whilst they are also given the ability to make a positive contribution within society as the leaders of tomorrow.  We believe that every young person should be given an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, and every community should be uplifted together, we will:

  • Work to ensure non-discrimination, devotion to the best interests of the young people, and the development of the young people through our programme of work

  • Provide support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals through our Shifting Your Mindset skills development programme

  • Provide recreational and leisure time activities in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life through our Shifting Your Mindset youth clubs

  • Provide cultural inclusion activities that foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds  through our  Brother 2 Brother, Sister 2 Sister programme

  • Provide empowerment for the young people to have a powerful voice  in the social justice system so they part of policy making and social reforms through our Parliament shadowing/mentorship programme

  •  Provide entrepreneurial skills and capabilities workshops that enable young people to change their mentality being employment seekers to be self-starters through our entrepreneurship programmes

  • Provide young people with mental health advice and referrals to the appropriate services through our virtual and digital support groups

  • Drive positive systemic change based on people’s real lives through our talk show to create the societal changes that are co-designed by the young people for young people to the move away from the gang culture and racism

  • Provide a cultural curriculum for schools that enable schools to educate the young people about cultural inclusion

  • Provide inspiration and support from community role models through our Meet My Guardian Angel

  • Provide support and initiative for parents to understand the young people through Open Talk Club


We aim to ensure that we meet the needs of young people as best we can at this difficult time, at local and international levels. 


We have hope in humanity and for the young people our belief is that the next generation deserve hope and empowerment. We believe the next generation are the future of humanity. We aspire to do everything we can to ensure that all young people can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment.  

  • 86% of teenagers know someone who smokes, drinks or uses drugs during the school day

  • 50% teenagers have misused a drug at least once in their lifetime

  • 43% of college students use illicit drugs

  • 5.9 Million Children die each year - most in the world's poorest communities and from preventable diseases​

  • An estimated 14.3 million people are in poverty in the UK. 8.3 million are working-age adults, 4.6 million are children, and 1.3 million are of pension age


Our recent campaign in Zimbabwe"Say NO TO DRUGS" has been co-produced with, and targeted towards, children and young people, to help them support themselves and find effective help when they need it we are supporting communities to understand the impact of drug abuse as part of the mental health programme.

We would like to thank all the supporters just like you, for coming to support the cause. 

Sending You So Much Love and Light.


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