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Community Engagement

We work with our diverse communities to promote community cohesion, strengthen communities, build up resilience, foster, positive connections, reduce isolation, share skills and experiences. We use new approaches or a combination of approaches to bring people so we can build together in a sustainable way.  We believe by bringing people and communities together to share skills and pool resources we can improve lives and strengthen our communities to thrive in longer-lasting ways. Our support varies from people living in the same area, or people with similar interests or life experiences. .

"We have hope in humanity, we believe that everyone deserves a chance, we believe the next generation are the future of humanity and if we all come together as communities to make a positive shift, add a little kindness, put a smile on someone's face then we are winning". Mutsa Makaka  Founder.

community-led Activities

We believe that forming is a key part of integrating people of all ages into the community.  We provide community-led activities that support people to form in a safe space, embrace inclusivity and reconnect especially after COVID19. This has enabled us to go further and build stronger relationships with in and across wider communities. It has also supported people in thinking green and encouraged them to look after the environment they live in, which is helping to improve places and spaces that matter to communities.


Our community-led activities

  • promote community cohesion, diversity and inclusion

  • improve the environment

  • improve wellbeing

  • help rebuild strong community relationships and break down the barriers of anti-social behaviour

We have hosted host community-led  activities in the marginalised areas were over 900 people attended. These ranged from Basketball Tournaments, Family Fund Days, the Big Jubilee Lunch within the communities that have been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. We are delivering a weekly BAME dads programme that incorporates the local refugees. We also have a weekly Men Do Talk podcasts that gives men the opportunity to talk about the challenges they face along with sustainable solutions to help resolve some of the challenges. We also have a bi-weekly inspirational talk show on Deeplomatikk radio where people can share their positive and inspirational stories to improve mental wellbeing. This has had  a positive impact across the communities.


. We aim to strengthen communities by :

  • providing support and activities to promote community cohesion, diversity, inclusion, greener and cleaner communities

  • providing people opportunities to build strong connections and help them find the support they need in and across communities

  • strengthening community and voluntary groups as well as encourage them to work together to achieve more

  • encouraging local people, businesses and the public sector to give their time, skills and resources to support local good causes

  • improving the places and spaces that matter to communities

  • supporting everyone in the community to have the opportunity to influence and get involved in community-led activities

  • supporting  people in communities to foster positive connections and work together to improve their wellbeing

We have seen clear positive impacts for communities, including those communities that need support the most


Family FUN Day

Carnival 2022

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