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We provide a mentoring programme aimed at supporting people or organisations to maximise their potential, develop their skills, and become members of communities with value. We support people to identify, understand, and find focus on areas they what areas to develop. Our programs are built around 1:1 and group sessions that will help and encourage each individual to stay on track and fulfil their potential. We aim to harness leadership skills in personal, parenting career, and entrepreneurial development through both formal and informal mentoring. We use a holistic approach to ensure everyone that who comes to us develops to their fullest potential. We also provide a pathway for employment for people we support through our employability workshops.

Meet Phil (on the left) his passion to run his own Community Interest Company (CIC) that supports young people to thrive. We have been supporting Phil to harness his talents, let of his past and embrace his passion. Phil now has clear goals and we have supported him to define the clear objectives of his CIC and the themes he will focus on. We have also empowered Phil to lead in coordinating some of our community-led events which have all been a success. His says he is much more confident to lead a full project with guidance and learning. Phil has become a role model to the men especially young fathers that attend our Dads Programme. We are proud of Phil and we are looing forward to collaborating with him on his Life Ambassadors project. Phil is now an expert by experience and he is doing a lot of positive things within the communities especially the young people to ensure they also develop to their fullest potential.


Meet Allzado (far left) an inspirational young men from Nottingham who has aspirations to run his own a basketball academy. Through his resilience, passion, talent and drive for basketball he is tirelessly working on his dream. We met Allzado through our outreach activities where we began to mentor him to embrace his skills and strengths to achieve his fullest potential. Through the mentorship programme we also identified the skills he was unsure of and worked through them together using a holistic approach. At the end of the mentorship programme we gave him an opportunity to coordinate a basketball tournament which was one of largest street basketball tournament the city has held. Allazado took on the opportunity with enthusiasm, ownership, learning and his hard work paved way for one of the biggest basketball tournaments across Nottinghamshire. The Nottz Street Ball Madness provided a safe space for young people to all came together to not only enjoy but also to also improve their wellbeing as this was soon during the time the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions had been lifted. We saw a sense of belonging and positive social skills amongst the young people most of them mentioned it felt good to be outside mingling again. We had ten diverse teams voluntarily take part in the tournament and all ten teams were outstanding and behaved as role models. We also used a collaborative approach to involve other community organisations to be a part of the tournament, we had Helping Kids Achieve and Skate for Change take part. We are super proud of Breezy he is now working on setting up his Basketball Club which is a step to his academy. We still mentor him whenever he reaches out for support. 

Meet Omarion a young men who is multi talented from football to music. We have been supporting Omarion to define what he loves to do the most. Like any teenager Omarion has been going through different phases and in all the phases we have been supporting him. We have supported Omarion through his football trials and whilst he is waiting for the right stop we still encourage him to explore what he really wants to do. We empowered Omarion to perform at the Nottingham Carnival 2022 which he stated it was an amazing experience even for us. This was his first time performing and he gave his all and harnessed the superstar he is. Omarion has gone to release his first single he wrote and the carnival performance inspired him to look into his music. Omarion has so much potential with his GCSE;s coming up we are supporting him to focus without losing sight at what he is passionate about. We have explained to him how his GCSE's are a stepping stone to unlocking other doors. We could not be more proud of Omarion, seeing him grow and develop into all his talents has been priceless. 


carnival performance


We have supported Mantis Boxing Club with advise on how to  set up their boxing club. It is absolutely amazing to see all the  work they are doing with the people in the across the communities. Mantis Boxing Club is one of the outstanding boxing club which does more than boxing they are also now mentoring young people to raise awareness about knife crime and violence. It has been a pleasure to be part of such a beautiful journey.

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