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Shifting Your Mindset's mission and activities are underpinned by a multi-annual strategy, principles of intervention, and a clearly-defined scope of activity

A Five-Year Strategy For Long-Term Sustainability

This strategy sets us the challenge of ensuring significant growth to assist as many people as possible, and to increase our influence in the international aid and development sector. We will also need to constantly look for ways to optimise our structure. It is only through change, and by adapting our organisation, that we will be able to remain faithful to our vision of the world.


Year 1: Establish Foundations

  1. Needs Assessment and Research

    • Conduct comprehensive needs assessments in target communities.

    • Gather data on the specific challenges, demographics, and resources.

    • Identify key stakeholders and potential partners.

  2. Program Development

    • Create tailored programs that directly address the identified needs.

    • Develop program guidelines, materials, and curriculum.

    • Pilot select programs in collaboration with local partners.

  3. Fundraising and Financial Planning

    • Develop a fundraising strategy that includes grant applications, individual giving campaigns, and corporate partnerships.

    • Create a budget and financial plan for Year 1.

    • Begin seeking initial funding and donations.

  4. Community Engagement and Partnerships

    • Build relationships with local community leaders and organizations.

    • Host community meetings and workshops to gather input and support.

    • Explore potential partnerships for program delivery and resource sharing.

Year 2: Program Implementation and Expansion

  1. Program Launch and Evaluation

    • Launch the pilot programs in target communities.

    • Collect data and feedback to evaluate program effectiveness.

    • Adjust and improve programs based on feedback and outcomes.

  2. Capacity Building

    • Provide training and development opportunities for your team.

    • Strengthen organizational capacity to deliver programs effectively.

  3. Fundraising and Sustainability

    • Expand fundraising efforts to secure additional funding sources.

    • Develop a sustainable financial model for ongoing program operations.

    • Explore opportunities for earned income and social enterprise ventures.

  4. Awareness and Outreach

    • Launch awareness campaigns to attract donors, volunteers, and supporters.

    • Use storytelling and impact stories to engage and inspire a broader audience.

Year 3: Strengthening Impact

  1. Scaling Successful Programs

    • Expand successful programs to serve more beneficiaries within target communities.

    • Assess the scalability and sustainability of these programs.

  2. Diversify Funding Sources

    • Seek out government grants, corporate partnerships, and major donors.

    • Explore additional funding opportunities, such as foundation grants and crowdfunding.

  3. Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Continue to monitor and evaluate program impact and effectiveness.

    • Refine data collection and evaluation processes to improve outcomes.

  4. Advocacy and Collaboration

    • Advocate for policy changes that benefit your target communities.

    • Strengthen partnerships with other organizations and local government agencies to amplify your impact.

Year 4: Sustainability and Growth

  1. Financial Sustainability

    • Work towards financial sustainability by increasing fundraising efforts.

    • Develop an endowment or reserve fund strategy.

  2. Replication and Expansion

    • Consider replicating successful programs in new communities with similar needs.

    • Explore opportunities for regional or national expansion if resources permit.

  3. Capacity Expansion

    • Grow your team and organizational infrastructure to accommodate increased scale.

    • Invest in leadership development and succession planning.

  4. Impact Measurement and Reporting

    • Strengthen your impact measurement systems and reporting mechanisms.

    • Share success stories and impact reports with donors and supporters.

Year 5: Long-Term Vision

  1. Strategic Planning

    • Review and refine your strategic plan for the coming years.

    • Consider the evolving needs of the communities and the organization's long-term goals.

  2. Sustainability and Endowment Building

    • Continue efforts to achieve long-term sustainability, including endowment building and investment strategies.

  3. National or International Expansion

    • Explore opportunities for expanding your mission beyond your current geographic area, if aligned with your long-term vision.

  4. Partnership Synergies

    • Seek strategic partnerships with other organisations that share your mission to enhance collective impact.

These priorities are adaptable and subject to change based on the evolving needs of our organization and the communities you serve. We will regularly assess progress, gather feedback, and adjust your priorities as needed to maximize your impact.

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