The Leader Within

We are working with the Young People in Nottinghamshire to improve their mental and physical well-being by providing leisure activities, practical advise and skills development workshops so they can thrive to their fullest potential. We host various activities to raise awareness about substance misuse, gang culture and Mental Health. We are giving young people the opportunity to co-design to air their views on the changes they would like to see. Since the lockdown restrictions where lifted we have managed to promote social and cultural inclusion through various activities. We have seen the positive shift in the young people interreacting, staying off the streets and bringing positive ideas to build the communities.



We are working with the young people in Zimbabwe to raise awareness about substance misuse and the importance of their physical and mental well-being. We are providing various interventions and advocacy to tack the drug pandemic within the country.


Walk A Mile In My Shoes 

We are providing pathway for young people to spend the day with a Member of Parliament to uplift them and show them it can be done regardless of whatever background..


From trauma To Healing

We drive positive systematic change  through our talk show.   We have constructive conversations with influencers and leaders that help drive social changes that can improve the communities and empower the young people. We have inspirational solutions that have helped people cope especially during lockdown.


Across The Borders 

We are working to improve equality and diversity by promoting cultural infusion activities that foster understanding between people of diverse backgrounds We are linking the young people in Zimbabwe and the young people in Zimbabwe through virtual sessions they all exchange the dynamics of their societies which helps to promote equality and diversity.


Meet The Parent

We are working with parents from various communities to bridge the gap so that they interact with the young people and the show they are exemplar role models that the young people can look up to.. We are hosting activities that will enable parents to interact with their children and meet halfway to uplift the young people and the communities