Charity Drive

Our objectives

We are working to develop communities and empower the young people who have been excluded, marginalised or disadvantaged so all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. Our key priorities are all young people are safe and empowered to develop to their fullest potential to promote physical health improvement, mental or moral improvement, skills development, provide leisure activities, empowerment,  social or cultural inclusions and practical advice .  We believe that every young person should be given an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, and every community should be uplifted

Our Core Programs and Services

Who we help
Our actions focus on the most vulnerable groups in the poorest countries of the world. Your support will directly impact:

  • Children  

  • The youth

  • Other vulnerable populations, such as injured people, isolated children, and older people

  • Communities exposed to poverty

  • Refugees and people displaced by crises, conflicts and disasters

  • People at risk of disease, violence and disabling accidents


Areas of action
find out about the main issues we work on:

  • Drug Abuse

  • Quality Education

  •  Mental Health

  • Health and prevention

  • Inclusion

  • Child Rights

  • Human Rights

Together, we will:

  • Work in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child we will work to ensure non-discrimination, devotion to the best interests of the child, the right to life, survival and development of the child through our entire programme of work

  • Provide support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals through our Shifting Your Mindset skills development programme 

  • Provide recreational and leisure time activities in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life through our Shifting Your Mindset youth clubs

  • Provide cultural inclusion activities that foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds  through our  Brother 2 Brother, Sister 2 Sister programme

  • Provide empowerment for the young people to have a powerful voice  in the social justice system so they part of policy making and social reforms through our Parliament shadowing/mentorship programme

  • Provide entrepreneurial skills and capabilities workshops that enable young people to change their mentality being employment seekers to be self-starters through our entrepreneurship programmes

  • Provide young people with mental health advice and referrals to the appropriate services through our virtual and digital support groups

  • Provide a cultural curriculum for schools that enable schools to educate the young people about cultural inclusion

  • Drive positive systemic change based on people’s real lives through our talk show to create the societal changes that are co-designed by the young people for young people to the move away from the gang culture and racism

  • Provide inspiration and support from community role models through our Meet My Guardian Angel

  • Provide support and initiative to understand the young people through Our radio talk show Shifting Your Mindset With Mutsa and Open Talk Club


We will provide evidence based case studies, data from various data sources that show the baseline and impact.


Goals to Meet the Plan


Focus On Outcomes
Outcomes are very important to effective impact reporting. As an organisation we will move from just detailing our outputs, but showcase the outcomes and the most significant change stories. Our employees have been primed to think about how we are driving towards positive outcomes in everything that the organisation does.


Quantify Program Impact
Our aim at a local level is to positively impact the communities in which we operate and the country, region and the world at a broader level. For this to happen and to stand out, we will have to go beyond just “helping people.” But to quantify the number of people helped, with what methods, for what purpose, and at what cost.  The ability to clearly quantify our organisation’s specific impact will be at the centre of what we do every day


Tell Powerful Stories
Impact stories are an important part of how Shifting Your Mindset changes lives. These stories are often the preferred format for reporting in both award and outward submissions. We will thrive to make sure our impact stories are well-written, comprehensive, backed by data, and compelling


Commit To Data and Evaluation 
To execute and drive this strategy our organisation has made a serious a commitment to data. The need for high-quality, consistent data to effectively showcase our impact is central to this strategic plan. To achieve this milestone the organisation will ensure that every member of our organisation, from the Director, Managers, Officers, Volunteers, and Interns, are well-equipped to collect and analyse data. The ability to maintain correct data in one place will enable our organisation to function efficiently and effectively and will give it the capacity to attract additional funding and expand programs. 


Most importantly, this data repository helps us analyse and evaluate programs with a holistic perspective, manage and improve outcomes, consolidate results and align the organisation’s mission with our outcomes, impact, and stories


Theory for Change
To execute and drive this strategy our organisation has made a serious a commitment to data. The need for high-quality, consistent data to effectively showcase our impact is central to this strategic plan. To achieve this milestone the organisation will ensure that every member of our organisation



skills development programme

Our aim is to lead on a social reform movement that aims to improve the skills capabilities for the young people who are who are marginalised, excluded and disadvantaged by society. We will support them to develop the skills that align with their passion. We will take an activity-based approach to deliver workshops sessions that focus on employer expectations and the working environment. These will support the young people to prepare for vocational training, achieving an employability qualification, or for getting a job of their dreams and enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals


Shifting Your Mindset youth clubs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of life. It has shown mental health is a big element of  who we are and  we all depend on each other  as a collective in order for us to thrive as humanity.  We want to improve the emotional and mental health of young people especially during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. This will enable us to ensure the right help at the right time is provided especially in the poorest of communities but not excluding everyone affected by the pandemic. 

We will deliver various activities weekends and holidays in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their physical and mental activity on their own terms. We will encourage the young people to try new activities and experiences in order to develop high levels of physical and mental literacy and an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and what mental health means. We will deliver inclusive activities that will encourage social exclusion, resilience and team work to influence to know that team work also applies in the communities.

Image by Jonathan Rados
Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


Mental Wellbeing outreach programme

Globally drug abuse is a call for concern especially among teenagers. The use of drugs as a coping strategy for stress, trauma, peer pressure and self worth has resulted in drug addiction. This is used as a mask up and coping mechanism.In the poorest of countries due to poverty substance misuse has increased. Our ideology is focused on supporting individuals affected and affiliated with the use of drug substances and addiction.​​

  • We are campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness and promote understanding around drug abuse. 

  • We are Inspiring and empowering Peer Mentors who have overcome drug and alcohol misuse and are now giving their time to benefit others.  Please visit our  Shifting Your Mindset YouTube channel.

  • We are working to tackle the risk factors that damage our mental health state, and promote the protective factors that enhance our mental wellbeing. 

  • We are providing real hope and practical help through our drop in workshops and listening events


Parliament shadowing/mentorship programme  

Worldwide 124 million children/young people have not started school or dropped outs.

We will support the young people to experience the day in the life of an MP through shadowing or mentorship from a local MP. WE will support and encourage them to have platforms where they have a voice to be part of the policy making processes. We will work to provide opportunities for young people that are marginalised and would like to be Parliamentary leaders to actually have a feel as how it feels like. This will inspire the young to lead change in their community. The programme will be delivered in partnership with the local MP’s to address low levels of wellbeing amongst young people in the UK by empowering them to have a voice, be heard and give back to their local community.

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