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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We started our journey with LOVE in 2019, when we launched our inspirational talk show on Deeplomattikk Radio that focused on steering people to SHIFT their mindset into positive thinking, to be mindful, compassionate and inspirational. In 2020 we saw an increase in the numbers of people reaching out for mental and emotional support due to the global pandemic. These adverse circumstances left so many people vulnerable without hope. For some it was almost impossible to have hope because they lacked resources to adapt to the new norm. At that moment we decided to start a "SHIFTING YOUR MINDSET" campaign to help people cope mentally and train their minds to think positively.   We managed to run over 120 inspirational shows Conducted research and development projects within communities that are excluded, marginalised and  disadvantaged by society.

We became committed  to making big positive changes by providing practical support whilst transforming  lives. We campaigned tirelessly for the big social changes that improve the lives of the children, young people and their communities. We won't stop until we have built a society where hope is alive, communities are uplifted and the  children and young people live to their fullest potential. Our Board and Partners are made up of individuals driven by love, passion, integrity and diverse  areas of expertise. 


We look forward to contributing, working and collaborating with everyone within the United Kingdom or abroad, local authorities, the private sector; faith-based and non-profit communities; and citizens across the globe to bring about the outcomes we set.


Systemic change based on real life inspiration 

As part of improving people's lives we currently have a talk show that promotes mental and moral improvement within the communities. This provides relief by the provision of counselling and support.  Research demonstrates that having a positive mental attitude helps to combat depression, anxiety,  better relationships with other people, and it can also have a positive impact on your health. We are shifting the mindset into positivity and walking towards the people that society crosses the road to avoid and mitigate a stereotypical culture. Ours is a story of belief that everyone has the ability to be great if they are empowered to cultivate a positive mindset and equipped to recognise their talents. Everyday people come to us for help to talk about their feelings, their trauma and we are always happy to help in every way we can and  we move from trauma to healing.

We aspire to now deliver a talk show for young people who have been excluded, marginalised or disadvantaged by society and work to enable them to find pathways back into society. The show is  based on three elements:

  • Shared experience

  • Shared benefit

  • Shared involvement

We seek to provide a holistic approach towards supporting people to shift out of negativity, some people look for reassurance as a coping mechanism’, while others are look for inspiration from people who have come through a similar situation and thrived. Through mutual conversations and support, people come on the show  to share their experiences and knowledge.  This pooling of information and joint problem solving creates a wealth of resources that the audience draw from. The shows are tailored to suit to anyone and everyone that needs help to improve their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives and readjusting your mindset to discern the things that are of value to them.  Personal stories enable people to learn new coping strategies, pick up practical information and benefit from shared knowledge. This helps to clarify people's goals, identify the obstacles and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.  Together we will discover what you are passionate about, what you are best in an what drives you every day.  During the show we deliver an Insightful diagnostic  prognosis  for “Who You Are” using appropriate tools to find solutions to your problems. Our interest is simply based on helping others reach their fullest potential.  approach  is much more proactive, giving clients  the tools and techniques to help them take control of their life and move forward.  

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